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Colorful Reusable Silicone Cable Ties (10pcs)

Colorful Reusable Silicone Cable Ties (10pcs)

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  • YOUR PERFECT ORGANIZER - Practical, easy, convenient to use and durable soft silicone tie that will help you organize your USB cables, charger, wires, headphones, seal food bags and anything else that you need. 
  • HIGH QUALITY - Reusable, flexible, non-toxic, durable silicone and lightweight. Fast binding and self locking.
  • SIZE - 5.5 x 0.67 x 0.4 inches
  • QUANTITY - 10pc set of 5 different colors (2 colors each)  
  • COLOR - 5 different fun colors (blue green, banana, tea shot green, army green and dark reddish purple) to help you color code and spot it anywhere easily.